A Nature policy to integrate climate action and biodiversity protection

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Biodiversity is the basis of all the resources we need to live: oxygen, drinking water, food and other raw materials. Yet the scientific evidence leaves no doubt: biodiversity is in tremendous danger, and climate change is one of its five major threats. By doing its part, SWEN has pledged to help regenerate ecosystems by taking all Nature-related issues, which are interdependent, into consideration in its investment decisions.

One of the most ambitious Nature policies within Europe’s private markets

The title of our policy itself makes a statement, based on our strong conviction, that biodiversity and climate change cannot and must not be regarded as two separate issues. For this reason, SWEN created a policy that takes a broader perspective, in which the climate, the planet’s ecosystems and all species, including humans, are part of a system that is one and the same. And that system is called Nature. Our Nature policy is based on three fundamental pillars:

Pillar 01

Align with international frameworks and oversee our policy at a strategic level


We align our activities and action plans with the environmental priorities defined by international guidelines, such as the Kunming-Montreal Biodiversity Framework and the Paris Agreement.

Pillar 02

Help regenerate ecosystems by incorporating Nature issues into our investment decisions


We measure our impacts and dependencies on ecosystems at the portfolio level to guide our investing, and we analyse new opportunities based on a Nature score for our indirect strategies.

Pillar 03

Support our stakeholders in adopting more Nature-friendly practices


We provide educational and operational guidance to help portfolio companies to decarbonise their activities, while actively participating in industry initiatives and methodology design to promote Nature.

Informed action

Our Nature policy was developed collaboratively with input from all our teams. It was then submitted to critical analysis by BL Évolution, a consulting firm specialising in Nature issues, and its alignment with the Paris Agreement was assessed by I Care by Bearing Point.

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Measuring the environmental impact of economic activities with the NEC

We chose the Net Environmental Contribution (NEC), robust in its approach covering both climate change and biodiversity, as a strategic indicator for steering our Nature Policy.

A simple answer to a complex problem

The NEC measures the contribution to the ecological transition of a product, service, project, infrastructure, business model, company, or financial product.

Taking a science-based approach, the NEC is the first indicator that measures the environmental impact of economic activities across their life cycle in five key areas: climate change, resource and waste management, biodiversity, water quality and air quality.

A universal measurement tool

The NEC applies to any type of company, project or asset class, across a global scope. It ranges on a scale from -100% for activities that are the most destructive of natural capital to +100% for activities that best accelerate the environmental transition.

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Climate & Biodiversity

To help regenerate ecosystems, we are taking all Nature-related issues, which are interdependent, into consideration in our investment decisions.

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