SWEN, a responsible investment leader in private markets for 15 years

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We support the implementation of projects driving change for our society

Founded in 2008 as part of the OFI group and rooted in the cooperative culture of our shareholders, SWEN Capital Partners is a responsible investment leader in private markets, specialising in private equity, unlisted infrastructure and private debt.

It is our conviction that tomorrow’s leaders will be the companies that anticipate change and embrace transformation, and we endeavour to create sustainable value by considering the social and environmental impact of each of our actions, at the local level.

15+ years of experience in the financial and ESG analysis of unlisted assets

~150 institutional clients committed to our solutions for their long-term investments

100+ professionals working together to achieve a common goal

750,000 ESG data points collected to analyse the impact of our investments

SWEN, a mission-driven company for sustainable finance

We are joining forces to invest for Nature’s benefit. We are developing high-value solutions and working with our ecosystem to create sustainable value and ensure our shared growth.

In 2023, SWEN became a mission-driven company and embedded its commitments to the common good into its bylaws.


Our role as investors has been carefully shaped to deliver more than capital to entrepreneurs and the innovative projects they support. Sustainability issues and impact objectives not only guide all our investment decisions, they are also strong drivers of our partners’ engagement.

Our purpose: contribute our expertise to deploy innovative business models that help to build a thriving and fair economy. 

  1. Make sustainable value creation the guiding principle for all our investments. 
  2. Cultivate deep relationships of trust with our clients to maximise their engagement and value creation.
  3. Support our portfolio companies in their development and transformation. 
  4. Promote robust and ambitious practices in sustainable finance.
  5. Grow each partner in our team, and grow our team through each partner. 

SWEN, an investor engaged for genuinely sustainable finance

A collaborative team whose sustainable approach has been honed for more than a decade, with the goal of meeting our clients’ high standards while playing an active role in the financing of a fair and sustainable society.

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Our investment expertise

Private equity


A diversified range offering private access to the best sustainable funds and assets in Europe.

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Ocean impact

Blue Ocean


An impact investment strategy that invests directly in startups whose innovations are helping to regenerate ocean health.

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Tech for Good

SWEN Private Equity Multi-stratégie


An innovative approach to fund the growth of Tech for Good players and promote innovations for Nature’s benefit.

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A multi-strategy and co-investment expertise to finance tomorrow’s infrastructure for a sustainable economy.

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Climate impact


An impact investment strategy to support the deployment of green assets and accelerate the decarbonisation of the economy.

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Mezzanine debt


A flexible approach of private debt combining mezzanine debt and equity while keeping ESG at the heart of financing.

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A cooperative shareholder base

Founded in 2008 as part of the OFI group, SWEN Capital Partners became an independent investment management company in 2015. It is owned by two institutional shareholders – OFI Invest, whose main shareholders are companies in the Aéma group (Macif, Abeille Assurances holding company and Aésio Mutuelle) and Crédit Mutuel Arkéa – along with some of its employees.

Our governance

A unique corporate culture

We believe that people are the key to creating sustainable value, which is why our collaborative culture is the biggest proof for our clients of our strong engagement by their side. Our diversity is a reflection of our efforts to develop a range of expertise in one management company to better address our clients’ needs and provide them with tailored support.

Our people

+100 engaged employees

14 nationalities in our team

48% women employees

10% employee shareholders

Visit us

Visit us

SWEN Capital Partners
22 rue Vernier
75017 Paris, France
+33 1 40 68 17 17