A rigorous ESG and impact approach for truly sustainable finance

SWEN’s investment approach reflects our deep and sustained ambition to drive change for our society. We have integrated sustainability issues and impact objectives into the core of our strategy. All our strategic and operational decisions are governed by this guiding principle: to invest responsibly, based on objective criteria and rigorous analyses, leveraging more than 10 years of experience in ESG practices and five years of expertise in impact investing.

Recognised expertise in the ESG analysis of unlisted assets

A dedicated team of ESG specialists

Our approach is backed by an expert team dedicated entirely to the analysis of ESG and impact data, empowered by an organisational structure that gives them complete freedom in how they conduct their work and effective tools to help them. Our independant team of analysts is fully involved in decisions throughout the fund’s lifecycle and has a veto right, which attests to our commitment to make ESG considerations a prerequisite to every investment decision. This is a strong differentiating factor in the unlisted sector.

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An ESG database that is unique in Europe

Measurement is a lever for action. Every year for more than 10 years, SWEN has conducted a vast operation to collect data on the ESG practices of more than 200 investment management firms and 2,000 companies. This highly methodological work, intensive in human resources, is a core component of our sustainability approach and provides a solid basis for measuring, assessing and comparing our investments’ ESG practices. Since 2019, we have also applied our expertise to the collection and analysis of data on impact performance.

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The power of participatory governance

At SWEN, sustainability issues are embedded into the highest level of governance. A Sustainable Finance steering committee, made up of members from every business area, meets monthly to recommend, coordinate and monitor all action plans implementing our strategy. A special committee of the Board of Directors validates the definition and execution of our strategy, and three Executive Committee meetings a year are held to report on progress and outlook.

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An innovative Sustainable Finance policy

Our Sustainable Finance policy is central to SWEN’s mission. Supported by our Executive Committee and implemented by all our employees, our policy has four pillars:

  1. A new mode of governance
  2. A commitment to financial returns
  3. An ambitious Nature policy
  4. Support for our ecosystem
Our Sustainable Finance Policy

>10 years collecting and managing ESG data

750,000+ ESG data points gathered in the ecosystem

200 management firms surveyed and analysed

2,000 companies surveyed and analysed

ESG Best Practices Honours by SWEN, our annual ESG event for the unlisted assets

Since 2014, SWEN has held an annual “ESG Best Practices Honours by SWEN” event to recognise the best responsible investing approaches and innovations. Out of more than 200 management companies working in private markets, winners are selected based on our recently completed ESG data collection campaign.

The event also shines a spotlight on market players and on the sustainability achievements and virtuous ESG practices of the management companies we support.

Active support for the widespread adoption of ESG practices

Because we are convinced that only through collective engagement can we make finance truly sustainable, SWEN strives to fulfill an important role for stakeholders by undertaking to translate shared goals into actions, by educating, training and guiding our whole ecosystem in building road maps and developing improvement plans.


Client investors

Supply comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analyses of their investments to help them achieve their goals.

Management firms

Share our analysis of their ESG practices, of those of their peers in private markets, and changes in these practices.

Investee companies

Support the implementation of their ESG strategy by co-building road maps and improvement strategies.

Industry initiatives

Work alongside major industry initiatives to promote the integration of sustainability issues in private markets.

Sustainable finance at SWEN

Expertise & engagement

Expertise & engagement

All our decisions are governed by one guiding principle, which is to invest responsibly, based on objective criteria and rigorous analyses.

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ESG analysis methodology

Analysis methodology

Our ESG and impact analysis practices are underpinned by a robust, fully tested methodology that is continuously enhanced by our team.

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Climate & Biodiversity

Climate & Biodiversity

To help regenerate ecosystems, we are taking all Nature-related issues, which are interdependent, into consideration in our investment decisions.

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Impact investments

Impact finance

The ambition of our impact approach is to accelerate the fair and sustainable transformation of the economy by offering clear proof of its positive effects.

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Our ESG publications

ESG publications

Our publications present SWEN’s responsible investing philosophy, describe our methodologies in detail and ensure efficient, transparent reporting.

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