Impact finance: combining performance with social and environmental impact

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Our impact strategies

With an environmental sustainable investment objective, as defined by Article 9 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, our two impact strategies seek to deliver financial performance alongside positive environmental and social impacts, which are measured using a clearly defined, transparent methodology and reported on regularly to investors.

Regenerating ocean health

Blue Ocean

SWEN Blue Ocean

This strategy finances startups whose solutions are helping to fight major threats to our oceans.

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Decarbonising the gas sector

SWEN Impact For Transition

This strategy supports the construction of methanisation facilities and green hydrogen infrastructure.

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Defining impact investing

SWEN applies the principles of impact investing – intentionality, additionality, which enables a company to increase the impact generated by its activities, and measurement – in managing its impact strategies, to show how each: 


Seeks to achieve, collaboratively and over the long term, a performance that delivers positive environmental and/or social impacts combined with financial returns, while reducing the effects of any negative externalities and upholding good governance practices.

Implements a clearly defined, transparent methodology describing the causality through which the strategy contributes to predefined environmental and/or social objectives, the relevant investment horizon and the measurement methods used.

Aligns the achievement of its environmental and/or social objectives with reference frameworks, such as the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, translated to the international, national and local levels.

Our Impact Doctrine

In addition to its long-established ESG approach, SWEN has developed an impact investing approach whose ambition is to accelerate the fair and sustainable transformation of the real economy by offering clear proof of its positive effects. It meets the most stringent impact finance criteria.

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Sustainable finance at SWEN

Expertise & engagement

Expertise & engagement

All our decisions are governed by one guiding principle, which is to invest responsibly, based on objective criteria and rigorous analyses.

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ESG analysis methodology

Analysis methodology

Our ESG and impact analysis practices are underpinned by a robust, fully tested methodology that is continuously enhanced by our team.

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Climate & Biodiversity

Climate & Biodiversity

To help regenerate ecosystems, we are taking all Nature-related issues, which are interdependent, into consideration in our investment decisions.

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Impact investments

Impact finance

The ambition of our impact approach is to accelerate the fair and sustainable transformation of the economy by offering clear proof of its positive effects.

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Our ESG publications

ESG publications

Our publications present SWEN’s responsible investing philosophy, describe our methodologies in detail and ensure efficient, transparent reporting.

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