Finance for Good.

Investing for Nature’s profit.

A responsible investment leader in private markets

Our vision

Since our founding in 2008, we have made sustainable finance a core part of our investment approach to support the growth of companies whose environmental and social contributions are undeniable. Investors are on the front line of financing tomorrow’s economy, so we are determined to help build truly sustainable finance by making sincere commitments, taking tangible action and leveraging the talent of our people and our ecosystem.

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8 billion in assets under management or advisement

  • 15 years of experience in the
    financial and ESG analysis
    of unlisted assets
  • 150+ institutional clients committed to
    our solutions for their
    long-term investments
  • 100+ professionals all engaged
    toward a
    common goal
  • 750,000 ESG data points collected to
    analyse our

Assets under management are calculated as the cumulative amount of commitments.

Latest news

News Feb 2024

SWEN Impact Fund for Transition 2 (‘SWIFT 2’) reaches final close well above target

News Jul 2023

REGA Energy Group completes €60m funding round

News Jul 2023
SWIFT impact

SWEN, AGR Biogas & Rika Biotech strengthen their partnership in the Spanish biomethane sector

News Jun 2023

10th ESG Best Practices Honours by SWEN

News Jun 2023

SWEN announces an Nature policy to reconcile climate change and preservation of biodiversity

News Apr 2023

SWEN is rethinking its business strategy to take its sustainable finance commitment even further

Driving change for our society

Our approach for sustainable finance
  • Our commitment

    We strive to be a responsible company and ensure that value creation is shared equitably among our stakeholders: shareholders, employees and business partners.

  • Our approach

    We consider the social and environmental impact of each of our actions, at the local level, to create sustainable value.

  • Our purpose

    We aspire to guide our clients, portfolio companies and management company partners along a shared, virtuous path to a fair and sustainable society.

Our investment expertise

Private equity


A diversified range offering private access to the best sustainable funds and assets in Europe.

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Ocean impact

Impact Blue Ocean


An impact investment strategy that invests directly in startups whose innovations are helping to regenerate ocean health.

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Tech for Good

SWEN Private Equity Multi-stratégie


An innovative approach to fund the growth of Tech for Good players and promote innovations for Nature’s benefit.

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Infrastructure Multi-stratégie


A multi-strategy and co-investment expertise to finance tomorrow’s infrastructure for a sustainable economy.

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Climate impact


An impact investment strategy to support the deployment of green assets and accelerate the decarbonation of the economy.

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Mezzanine debt

dette mezzanine


A flexible approach of private debt combining mezzanine debt and equity while keeping ESG at the heart of financing.

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Our latest investments


Decarbonising a European logistics and transport leader

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A pure player in electric vehicle charging covering the entire value chain

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Reinventing professional training for employees in the field

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Independent producer of renewable heat in France to decarbonise the heating needs of manufacturers and buildings

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Norwegian biomethane producer serving a fast-growing market

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Covering the entire digital marketing and communications ecosystem

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