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  • Acquisition December 2023
  • Sector Electric vehicle charging
  • Country France
  • Strategy Mezzanine debt

WAAT: a pure player in electric vehicle charging

WAAT is a leading provider in France of electric vehicle charging services, covering installation, operation and maintenance. With market share of almost 15% of electric vehicle charging points for multi-residential buildings, the company has already equipped more than 3,000 homes. Today WAAT is embarking on a new phase in its development to consolidate its leading position and continue its strong growth.


Strategic positioning buoyed by a favourable environment

Electric vehicles are booming. This explosion is mainly due to major new regulations in the European Union, financial incentives that encourage electric vehicle purchases, falling EV battery prices, and rising fuel prices.

Created in 2018, WAAT covers the full range of electric vehicle charging services – from the installation of dedicated electrical infrastructure for multi-unit residences and social housing to the installation of 7.4 kWh to 22 kWh charging stations – and has lined up a diversified selection of subscription plans and maintenance and supervision contracts. Its Comfort package (100% pre-financed by Logivolt / CDC and Advenir) is an attractive, low-cost solution for multi-unit residences. It is expected to be rapidly taken up by property owners and be a real catalyst for WAAT’s growth over the next few years.

Extensive geographical coverage of the entire supply chain

The company has end-to-end control over the installation of charging stations: from the request to open a delivery point to the commissioning of the infrastructure. The seasoned experience of its management teams (in Schindler lifts, with commonholds) is key to building good relationships with all the actors in the value chain (multi-unit residences, subcontractors, etc.), thus facilitating complete control of operations.

With suppliers based in France and the Netherlands, WAAT is strategically positioned to monitor its partners’ ESG practices effectively. Audits and assessments are conducted to ensure compliance with ethics, environmental and quality standards. Coordinating 13 sites across France and a network of regional and local contractors, the company can guarantee competitive response times nationwide as well as provide large-scale and local service operations.

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