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  • Acquisition April 2023
  • Sector Hotels
  • Country France
  • Strategy Mezzanine debt

Eklo is revolutionising the standards of budget accommodation

Eklo is an innovative hotel chain that revisits standard budget accommodation. Its lifestyle and eco-friendly concept emphasises vibrant, urban, design-led accommodation that appeals to both locals and travellers. With nine hotels in operation and 21 in the pipeline for 2027, Eklo has carved out a position as the budget brand in tune with new consumer trends. Its many strengths further boost its appeal.

Competitive advantage and unique positioning

Eklo’s differentiating concept focuses on three vertical strands:

  • Lifestyle: Each hotel incorporates tastefully designed common areas to create a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere.
  • Budget: Eklo has a range of hybrid accommodation (private rooms, atypical rooms and dormitories) to meet all needs. Offering excellent value for money, the Group’s hotel rooms provide all the necessary comforts at affordable prices.
  • Eco-friendly: The Group has set its sights on an ambitious environmental commitment and approach, from the choice of its locations to the operation of its hotels.

Eklo is a majority investor in its properties and the sole operator of its hotels. This strategy allows the Group to create value and control costs while monitoring the deployment, development and long-term outlook of its concept. Simple lease agreements are only used for premium sites with high value-creation business assets (such as the two hotels under construction in Paris). The operating companies are therefore fully owned subsidiaries of Eklo Hotels that employ their staff directly. 

Strong environmental and social values

Eklo hotels stand out for the environmental and social principles that guide its projects. Hotel locations are always chosen to minimise the environmental footprint during the operating phase (accessibility by public transport, connection to heating networks, eco-districts). Buildings are designed using predominantly French or European materials, with emphasis on wood construction and prefabricated components to reduce waste and transport required by worksites. Policies are also in place to limit its hotels’ water and energy consumption, waste production and the impact of transport required to supply the establishments. Eklo also integrates its hotels into ecosystems by forging partnerships with local organisations for supplies, waste management (Ecomégot, Détrivores, Les Alchimistes), beehive installation (BeeCity) and vegetable garden management (Akebia).

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