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  • Acquisition January 2023
  • Sector Food waste recovery
  • Country France
  • Strategy Tech for Good

Les Alchimistes: collecting and composting in cities

Les Alchimistes is a social and solidarity-based enterprise founded in 2017 in Paris. Its mission is to collect and process food waste, which it transforms into compost for distribution to local organisations. These services fill the gaps in the market not covered by available solutions and methanisation. At present, the company continues to roll out new collection and composting platforms in French cities.

New regulatory opportunities opening up a consequential market

As of 1 January 2024, regional governments in France are required to implement source separation of biowaste for private individuals. Les Alchimistes is supporting professionals and communities in managing, collecting and composting their food biowaste.

With a total of 19 sites, the young company collects biowaste through a decentralised network that organises short-circuit collection drives in 13 major French cities, including Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Toulouse and Angers. The company then processes the waste into compost, which is resold either in small amounts to retailers (such as Biocoop organic food stores) or, for larger orders, directly to local authorities and farmers.

Solutions adapted to local authorities

Les Alchimistes also provides consultancy services for local governments, which involve conducting preliminary analyses on the introduction of source separation of food waste, feasibility studies on the installation of composting platforms, and assistance with experiment design and monitoring in these areas.

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