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  • Acquisition February 2021
  • Sector Waste recovery
  • Country France
  • Strategy Tech for Good

Hub.Cycle: turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s ingredients

Founded in 2016, Hub.Cycle transforms industrial waste into ingredients and raw materials to serve the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Already in partnership with major firms such as L’Oréal, Yves Rocher, Schweppes and Orangina, the young company plans to continue developing with the purchase of an application laboratory while expanding its business in France and internationally.

Turning food industry by-products into strategic ingredients

Through its comprehensive expertise in phytochemistry, industrial processes and the marketing of natural ingredients, Hub.Cycle identifies side streams within the production chains of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies. By analysing, extracting and preserving target molecules, while ensuring quality and traceability, Hub.Cycle studies potential applications to turn manufacturers’ waste into value-added ingredients.

For example, by recovering orange peel from a fruit juice producer, Hub.Cycle transforms the waste ingredient into essential oil that is highly valued in the cosmetics industry. Similarly, cocoa bean husks are transformed into natural flavourings, while flax fibre from pressed oil is used as a thickener. Each resource is assessed against tailored quality, scalability and performance specifications, all verified by third-party laboratories. In 2020, the company’s activities saved the equivalent of 1,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables.

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