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  • Acquisition December 2022
  • Sector Natural healthcare and beauty
  • Country France
  • Strategy Multi-strategy private equity
  • Partner

Havea: European leader in natural healthcare

Founded in 1975 and based in France, with operations in the western Loire region (Boufféré) and Paris, Havea is a natural healthcare leader in Europe, striving to enhance consumers’ quality of life with its products. Through its five main brands, Havea designs, manufactures and distributes a wide array of products ranging from functional food supplements to high-end healthcare products for infants.


A pan-European platform operating in a fast-growth market

Driven by population ageing and other structural factors, Havea operates in a rapidly growing market, posting annual global growth of 3% to 4%, and more than 7% in some segments. The group’s primary goal is to bolster its market position by leveraging its brands’ synergy and acquiring new businesses sourced by its skilled management team.


A strong ESG focus aligned with SWEN’s values

Supported by our partner, BC Partners, Havea is committed to applying the CSR strategy it detailed in its 2020 report, mainly by helping to build a circular economy and reducing its environmental footprint. It continuously improves its quality processes to guarantee the safety of its products. The company also intends to expand its organic product range and promote eco-design. Because its employees are central to its transformation strategy, Havea emphasises quality of life at work and supports their job mobility, training and development.

This transaction by the European fund of SWEN Capital Partners was a co-investment alongside BC Partners, which acquired a majority stake in Havea in September 2022 through its Private Equity strategy.

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