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  • Acquisition December 2023
  • Sector Street furniture and cycling infrastructure
  • Country Netherlands
  • Strategy Multi-strategy private equity
  • Partenaire

CROWD: cycling infrastructure and street furniture

Founded in 2014 and based in the Netherlands, CROWD (Creators of the Outside World) is a leading provider of premium cycling infrastructure and street furniture across Europe. By accelerating its external growth strategy in recent years, the group has acquired eight new businesses since 2014, positioning it as a major European market player. CROWD offers a diversified portfolio of products along with outstanding geographic coverage. In 2023, it generated more than €130 million in revenue and employed close to 500 people at its various Europe locations.


A European leader with flexible solutions covering the entire value chain

CROWD’s unique selling proposition features a broad, one-stop shop range of services that includes a deeply integrated value chain, large geographical coverage, design and sourcing capabilities, six-brand platform approach, excellent customer references and a sterling reputation.

As a group bringing together six top-tier suppliers of cycling infrastructure, digital solutions and street furniture, CROWD offers its main European markets a distinctive platform approach. Its in-house design and manufacturing teams create custom products tailored to customer needs. This still highly fragmented market offers substantial potential for organic and external growth.


A low-carbon mobility player backed by public policy

CROWD provides sustainable, high-tech cycling infrastructure and street furniture products. The company’s strategy is rooted in sustainability and upholds the principle of “maintain, reuse, refurbish and recycle” throughout its products’ value chain. It promotes low-carbon mobility with high-quality, sustainable and safe products for all types of cyclists. Through its activities, CROWD encourages the shift towards greener living environments and healthier lifestyles.

This transaction by the European fund of SWEN Capital Partners was a co-investment alongside Tikehau Capital, which acquired a majority stake in CROWD in July 2023 through its private equity decarbonisation fund (T2 Energy Transition Fund). This investment reinforces our ability to carry out LBO transactions in line with our sustainable finance strategy.

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