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  • Acquisition December 2022
  • Sector E-fuel production
  • Country United States
  • Strategy SWEN Impact Fund for Transition

Arcadia eFuels: e-fuel to decarbonise the aviation sector

With the aim to become an international producer of e-fuel, Arcadia eFuels is currently developing projects in Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States, tapping into the growth of a market poised to garner considerable capital in the coming years and that benefits from a very favourable regulatory environment along with strong end-user support.

Decarbonising aviation

Aviation is lagging behind other sectors in the low-carbon transition, and yet air traffic is expected to rise over the next decade. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) – which include electronic fuels – are the simplest and fastest way for the sector to achieve a significant positive impact. SAF does not require substantial changes to supply and infrastructure, unlike electric-powered or hydrogen-powered aircraft, which have not reached maturity and may not be sufficient for long-haul flights. However, SAF production is still a long way from meeting the targets set by the demand side.

Fortunately, the SAF sector benefits from a very favourable global regulatory environment. The European Fit for 55 regulation establishes a 5% SAF blending mandate (the proportion of SAF in final aviation fuel) by 2030, with a secondary mandate of 0.7% for e-fuel). In the United States, the Inflation Reduction Act offers large subsidies for green hydrogen production (up to $3 per kg) and direct air capture technologies (which extract CO2 directly from the atmosphere), which should drive the development of e-fuels by making them economically viable as a replacement for conventional fuels.

Expanding internationally in a high-growth market

Arcadia eFuels intends to become the leading large-scale producer of e-fuels. Since few developers have obtained e-fuel production sites as yet and no e-fuel plant is in operation, Arcadia eFuels seeks to ensure the availability of sites offering inexpensive renewable electricity and CO2, which are both key inputs required for e-fuel production.

The company is currently developing facilities in Denmark, in the United Kingdom and the United States, buoyed by the strong support from airlines, which have acquired stakes in property developers involved in the construction of e-fuel plants and have committed to the purchase of large volumes of e-fuel over the long term to help the projects obtain financing. Working with Technip, Topsoe and Sasol, Arcadia eFuels also plans to design a FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) standard to be applied to all its projects.

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