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  • Acquisition April 2023
  • Sector Biocontrol solutions for agriculture
  • Country France
  • Strategy Tech for Good

Agriodor: reducing the farming industry’s dependence on synthetic pesticides

Created in 2019, Agriodor is the culmination of five years of research at the French National Institute of Agricultural Research. Its biocontrol solutions are formulated to replace conventional insecticides used on crops exposed to the technological and environmental limitations of synthetic pesticides. This fast-growing startup is now looking to develop partnerships with manufacturers and public institutions.

A unique toolkit to rapidly develop new fragrances

Based in Rennes, in northwest France, the young company has developed processes and a multi-crop technological R&D platform covering a wide range of olfactory repellents formulated specifically for each type of pest. Its fragrances are only perceptible by insects, to confuse and repel them.

For each of the pests identified, Agriodor uses molecules and scents to attract them and control their behaviour. These solutions therefore target a specific insect, without impacting auxiliary insects (lady birds or pollinators) or end consumers. Agriodor does not use toxic chemicals, only molecules naturally given off by plants.

An innovative, environmentally friendly approach

With its biocontrol solutions, Agriodor aims to reduce the farming industry’s dependence on synthetic pesticides, providing farmers with ways of participating in the necessary paradigm shift towards sustainable agriculture while maintaining their yields.

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