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  • Acquisition Décembre 2022
  • Sector Géosynthétiques
  • Country France
  • Strategy Mezzanine debt

Afitex: French leader in geosynthetics manufacturing

Afitex designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of geosynthetics. Its products provide a sustainable response to the issues of pollution and resource availability, focusing on the construction sector. In a brisk market bolstered by increased investment in infrastructure, the company emphasises product innovation and customisation to stand out from its competitors. Meanwhile, it is stepping up its international business growth.

An innovation-driven differentiation strategy

Afitex designs geotextiles, which are used between two soil layers or materials to separate, drain, reinforce, filter and protect against erosion, as well as geomembranes, which are used for waterproofing. In a market with strict quality standards due to the extreme conditions in which products are used, it aims to continuously improve its products as innovation is crucial. Research and development are therefore central to the company’s strategy, supported by a dedicated team and an R&D laboratory to create new products that can be incorporated into the Afitex line-up. To date, the company has filed 23 international patents. Its margins are higher than those of its competitors, and it is stepping up its international presence. With four production sites (in France, Canada and Algeria), Afitex operates 17 production lines and has 500 certified products.

A positive environmental contribution

Geosynthetics help to solve several environmental issues in the construction sector. Their environmental footprint is considerably better than that of conventional alternatives such as gravel. Using Afitex products prevents this resource from being extracted from quarries and avoids its transport by lorry. Geosynthetics also extend the lifespan of built infrastructure by providing long-term soil stability.

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