13 September 2022

SWEN Capital Partners announces final close of the Territoires Innovants 3 fund

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SWEN Capital Partners, a leading player in the field of responsible private equity investments, is pleased to announce final close for the third vintage of its Innovative Territories fund range, dedicated to supporting growing French SME and midmarket firms. Boasting 150 million euros of investment capacity, this vehicle is consistent with prior vintages and will focus on financing in regional France, on innovation and on innovative management (impact investing, sector-focus funds and funds dedicated to the energy transition).

The continued trust placed in us by French investors, including longstanding subscribers La Macif, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and Bpifrance, bears witness to the significance SWEN Capital Partners’ responsible investment strategy has achieved over the last ten years, whether you look at open or closed-end funds.

In line with previous vintages, Territoires Innovants 3 (TI 3) plans to invest in French SMEs across all sectors, with a focus on the environment, diversity, connecting to goods and services in regional France as well as the sharing of value. As befits its commitment to responsible finance, SWEN CP conducts a draconian selection of managers with the best ESG ratings, using a proprietary methodology. On the direct investment side, which may represent up to 25% of the investment program, the management team relies on analyses of sustainability issues, with particular attention to calculation of the “Net Environmental Contribution” (NEC)1 of each investment opportunity vis-à-vis environmental issues (climate, biodiversity, etc.). The vehicle qualifies as an Article 8 Fund according to the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).

A dynamic multi-strategy business with a proven track record

Investors benefit from the expertise of an experienced, professional team of ten, as well as an ESG/impact team of eight people, including three of whom are multi-strategy specialists. SWEN CP has been a fixture of the French market for 15 years, investing nearly 270 million euros over the last two vintages. This has made possible the strong relationships with more than 70 asset management companies that underly a proven ability to generate a steady flow of primary, secondary and direct investment opportunities.

An integrated ESG platform

This third generation of funds reflects SWEN Capital Partners’ desire to place ESG issues, especially climate change, at the heart of investment decisions. Territoires Innovants 3 integrates 4 “ESG markers,” the fruit of significant internal research and development. These are: respect for the environment, regional access to essential goods and services, diversity and fair sharing of value.

In keeping with SWEN CP’s climate ambition, the vehicle employs NEC methodology for environmental assessment of its direct investments. This metric is a true environmental footprint of investments based on a multi-criteria approach, measuring an activity’s (business or project) degree of alignment with the environmental and climate transition. Scientific and based on physical units, NEC takes into account not only the climate issue, but also biodiversity, water, waste/resources and air quality.

By capitalizing on the know-how SWEN CP’s teams have accumulated over the last ten years, this analysis contributes to the shift towards a low-carbon economy that limits the trajectory of global warming, relying especially on the European taxonomy.

TI 3 contributes to this transition with a target of at least 20% “green share” (2) of investments, i.e., companies whose activities further the environmental and energy transition.


More information on SWEN CP’s sustainability (ESG) and shareholder engagement policies is available on the company’s website at www.swen-cp.fr
1 NEC Initiative website: www.nec-initiative.org
2 Activities that fall under the definition of “green share” are those so defined by the “Greenfin” label. A company is eligible for the green share if it derives more than fifty percent (50%) of its turnover in activities included in the taxonomy of the Greenfin
label, whose reference system can be found at the following link: https://www.ecologiquesolidaire.gouv.fr/sites/default/files/Label_TEEC_labellisation_r%C3%A9f%C3%A9rentiel_0.pdf.

“The successful close of the Territoires Innovants 3 fund is due to the expertise of SWEN Capital Partners’ multi-strategy and ESG investment teams and the ability to support our partner asset management companies and the companies we finance all over France. Territoires Innovants 3 is an important tool for strengthening the equity capital of French SMEs and helping them ramp up their ESG approach. The success of this vintage also illustrates the support we receive from both new clients and existing partners, with investors from the previous edition—whom we warmly thank—reinvesting in this latest generation of funds.

Jérôme Delmas

With the launch of Innovative Territories 1 in 2014, SWEN Capital Partners is one of the first players on the market to have developed a diversified investment program, driven by major extra-financial ambitions. The company now has an unparalleled track record in responsible investment.

Laurent Ghilardi
Managing Director of the multi-strategy Private Equity

The capacity to make a difference to innovative players that are environmentally and socially engaged, whether via the companies it targets or the new strategies that emerge, makes Territoires Innovants a unique tool on the market for advancing an ever more responsible finance.

Jean-Philippe Richaud
Deputy CEO and CIO

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