Background / General terms and conditions

The following pages present only those products and services that are authorised for marketing in France and accessible to French residents. In any case, persons subject to restrictions prohibiting the publication of, or access to, information contained on the following pages, such as US residents or citizens or “US Persons”, as defined by “Regulation S” of the SEC under the Act of 1933, are not authorised to access the following pages. The following pages do not, under any circumstances, constitute a promotion, solicitation, advisory or offer to buy or sell financial instruments. The information contained herein is meant to provide current or potential fund subscribers with additional information to complement the AIF information contained in the full prospectus. The public’s attention is drawn to the fact that this information is inevitably partial and subject to change. It can therefore not have contractual value. The KIID and AIF by-laws, which alone have contractual value, as well as the latest financial statements, must be given to potential subscribers prior to subscription and upon subscription, and made available upon request. They may be downloaded freely from this website. Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performances. The figures mentioned on the following pages deal with past years.
Buying units or shares in AIFs may incur risks. The value of investments may vary upward or downward, depending on market trends, and it is possible that investors may not recover their entire investment, as the value of units and shares depend on the value of financial instruments held in the portfolio. The amount that is reasonable to invest depends on the investor’s personal situation. To determine that amount, investors must take into account their personal wealth and their current needs, as well as their willingness to take risks, or, on the contrary, to prefer a cautious investment. It is highly recommended to diversify one’s investments to keep from being exposed solely to the risk of a single fund. The tax treatment of an investment in AIF units or shares depends on each investor’s individual situation and is subject to change.


Subscribers’ attention is drawn to the fact that their money will be unavailable for a relatively long period of time (generally from six to 10 years) and not just for the five years required by tax regulations. You must therefore ensure that you will not need the invested sums during the life of the fund.
The “fonds communs de placement à risques in l’innovation” (FCPI) and “fonds d’investment de proximité” (FIP) are invested mainly in companies that are not listed on the financial markets and therefore pose special risks. Subscribers must be aware of the special risks incurred by alternative investment funds (AIFs, which are described in the “risk profile” section of the fund rules.
Certification by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) does not mean that subscribers will automatically be eligible for the various tax benefits. This will depend mainly on whether this product complies with certain investment rules, the length of time the investor holds it, and each subscriber’s individual situation.


The professional funds (FPCI and FPS) managed by SWEN CP may not be marketed to non-professional clients. Only those clients classified by Swen CP as “professional”, as defined by Article D. 533-11 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, shall have access to information on FPCI and FPS open to new investors.