12 March 2021

Market analysis - March 2021

Accueil / News / Market analysis – March 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has made 2020 an exceptional year in many ways: socially, economically, humanely and health-wise. The situation remains complex and fraught with uncertainty, although the start of 2021 offers some grounds for optimism, with the launch of large-scale vaccination and the hope of a return to normalcy as this global challenge progresses. For this reason, you will find a market analysis that feeds into our thoughts on the ‘next’ world to which we wish to contribute. While not exhaustive, this note is an overview to help identify the risks and opportunities of our current and future investments.


Societal and environmental issues, which are always at the heart of SWEN CP’s concerns, push us to identify the major developments we wish to see in societal matters and contribute to the financing of a more responsible and sustainable economic model… and the regulations are on our side to (finally) see things more clearly!