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  • Acquisition March 2023
  • Sector Websites and SEO
  • Country France
  • Strategy Mezzanine debt

December Digital: leader in website creation and SEO in France

Founded in 2010, December Digital is a key player in website design and natural search engine optimisation (SEO), which are increasingly important focuses in the digital strategy of SMEs and very small businesses. With 11 agencies in France and a portfolio of more than 5,100 websites, the agency stands out for its simple, cost-effective approach based on high-performance software (including one patent) developed in-house. December Digital is now looking to export its business abroad, while moving forward with its strategy to extend its regional coverage in France.


Key advantages in a high-growth market

December Digital operates in a vast and rapidly expanding market, with the SEO segment holding particular promise. Currently, 44% of French SMEs and very small businesses that are over two years old and generate sales between €0.2 million and €20 million are not satisfied with their SEO. That makes 1.5 million businesses in addition to the other 1.1 million that do not yet have a website.

The two buyers of December Digital form a complementary, experienced pair, with a background of some 20 years in operational and financial management. Over the past few years, they have received backing from an international group of about 20 veteran investors (M&A, PE, C-level, entrepreneurs, etc.). Their value proposition consists in designing professional websites that are easy to use and to update, together with efficient and automated SEO. December Digital’s high-performance tools, designed in-house, enable the company to operate an efficient and scalable website production chain. In turn, its clients can use the tools in a proprietary way. In this way, the value and quality for the price and service provided meet the demand from SMEs for simpler, cheaper sites that are less time-consuming to manage.

An active CSR policy supported by management

The company emphasises practices that limit the environmental impact of the websites it designs and stores the data in datacentres with above-average energy efficiency. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of the datacentres it uses is 1.38 (versus 1.55 on average*). The closer the PUE is to 1, the more energy efficient the datacentre is. Their Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) is 0.26 (the closer the WUE is to 0, the more efficiently it uses water to cool the datacentres).

December Digital’s CSR strategy also focuses on optimising car travel (frequent for the Group’s sales activities), IT security, and GDPR compliance. Independent consultants advise the company on these matters as well as on human resource management (training, repetitive tasks, workload).

*Evaluation de l’impact environnemental du numérique en France et analyse prospective – Etat des lieux et pistes d’action (Measurement of the environmental impact of digital technology in France and prospective analysis – Current situation and areas for action, 19 January 2022, published on in French only)

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